Look | Think | Write

LOOK THINK WRITE is an authoring system for emerging screenwriters. Through this workspace, writers may incorporate visual, textural and sensory media with script, in the brainstorming process and amongst each other. This is especially useful in a classroom setting, where a group of people must communicate an idea. Inspirational imagery and sensory elements may be exchanged to inform that conversation.
Furthermore, by giving the screenplay a tangible counterpart, it becomes a more malleable, flexible entity; it can be shaped and molded with ease and intuition. The system has been designed through four devices, which communicate between each other through cloud data technology.

- The Writer's Notebook serves as a brainstorming tool and a capturing device. A sheet of e-paper, equipped with a camera, may be inserted into any notebook. From there, the writer's notebook may be used to brainstorm (as it is in the traditional sense), plus it can capture video, audio and stills.

- The captured information flows into Blocks. Wooden blocks are the housing unit for collected content and inspirational material. By way of mini, short throw projectors, these blocks can project this information on any surface, anywhere.

- Each block is meant to house the information for one "beat" (plot point) / character / location. They also sync with the written screenplay for easy editing. The blocks can be rearranged to change the order of actions or arranged side by side to compare material. Data may be shared between blocks and amongst writers.

- Snifters are the housing devices for scent. The writer may capture scent at any time and relay that data back to a snifter. When they return to the studio or the classroom, snifters may open to fill the room with the scent of a corresponding location in the film or perhaps the smell of a character's perfume.

- A Swatch & Material Book is also present in this new ecology of writing. Textures are given to the writer as a Pantone book may be given to a designer. This book may be added to as well. By collecting textures, the writer may explore an their senses with the immediacy and intuition of textural references.