Divide & Conquer

Material & Method - This project is focused on the combination of different materials and creating a vertical surface. This project exploits the nature, scale and inherent limitations of that specific process and associated materials.

Two contrasting materials are used, semi-tranceparent mylar (soft and flat) and polyester strings (firm and slim). Using two materials, we designed a prototypical wall section with at least one operable section (a window and an aperture). Each modular units are made of numerous mylar squares, hand-cut, held with brass binder and threaded with poly strings. Each string holds the units tight enough to fix in place, yet this structure is versatile enough to be interacted with participants; each unit is able to be moved along the way the participant push them and created certain patterns.

The structure is designed to be installed both outside and inside; on sunny day, the semi-transparent modular can create shade and subtly move and make pleasant sounds when wind blow.

Collaborate with Hyun Ju Yang